We've pulled together the most common questions here.

1. Entries

Q. I want to know where I can apply to enter the contest?

From March 2021, you can enter the contest via the online application form.

Q. Can we submit an entry as a group?

Yes, you can. Please write the name of your group on the entry form.

Q. Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, you can submit as many as you want. However , only one entry form must be submitted for each entry. If you have multiple pieces, you must register multiple times, once for each piece.

Q. Can I send my entry by post or email?

Entries submitted by post or email will not be accepted. Please use the entry form.

Q. What is “rendering?” Can I send a photo of the model? Is this the same as the term “perspective” used in architecture?

A rendering is a perspective drawing of an illustration of the predicted completed work. You can also send a model photograph. You are correct in assuming that this is the same as a perspective drawing.

Q. Can three-view drawings be hand-drawn or illustrations?

The method of illustration does not matter so long as a the work, including its size, can be comprehended in a three-dimensional manner. However , works whose dimensions or functions cannot be comprehended may be excluded.

Q. Can I change or add to the details on a submitted presentation sheet?

Changes or additions to submitted presentation sheets will not be permitted. However , changes or addition to presentation sheets will be possible only for those who pass the first round of selections. You will be notified of a URL where changes will be accepted when you receive notification of passing the first round.

Q. I want to know if my entry is complete.

Your entry has been completed if you receive an entry completion email after your application.

Q. I'm a mature student. Can I enter TCL award?

Yes. There are no age restrictions, as long as you meet the criteria about student/recent graduate status.

2. Rights

Q. Once awards have been announced, what happens if I announce my own designs with photos and drawings in my portfolio or website for my own promotional purposes?

As a general rule, award-winning prices are planned to be marketed.
When doing so, some time is required in most cases for alterations, as well as for rights related procedures, such as those for design rights.
As a result, we ask that announcements by winners on their own websites of these awards be conducted after consultations with TCL.
Please note, again, that rights, including design rights, will belong to TCL Technology Co., Ltd.

Q. If an entered work contains existing intellectual property rights of the applicant, will these rights be transferred to TCL Technology Co., Ltd. if this entered work wins a prize?

Winning works are planned to be marketed. If a work contains existing intellectual property rights, we will request that these be transferred to us upon acceptance of the prize money. However , depending on the details of these rights, we may engage in separate, individual negotiations. If your work contains existing intellectual property rights, please indicate this when submitting your entry.

Q. If a work does not win a prize, I believe there will be no issues regarding the ownership of intellectual property rights for the submitted work. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct.

Q. If submitted entries cannot be returned, how will the intellectual property rights of the submitted entries be protected after screening?

Intellectual property rights for non-winning works will not be transferred to our company. Works will be stored by our company for a set amount of time and then disposed of.

Q. What do you mean specifically when you say “appropriate measures to protect your own rights?”

This means, for example, performing research in advance to ensure that the submitted entry does not receive complaints or actions from a third party due to infringement of intellectual property rights. In addition, a variety of other cases can be assumed, including taking precautions to ensure that works and designs are not stolen by third parties (due to negligent disclosure).

3. Other

Q. Are prize-winning works always commercialised?

Although all prize-winning works are considered for commercialisation, because decisions are made while considering innovativeness, technical possibility, cost, and other factors, there is a possibility that works may not be commercialised.

Q. When and how will the results be announced?

Applicants whose works have passed the first round of screening will be notified by postal mail by the middle of March 2021. Results of the final screening will be announced on this website in the middle of June 2021.

Q. When will the prize money be paid?

As a general rule, prize money will be paid at the award ceremony to be held in June 2021.

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